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The providence co

Living Beyond Life™


About Us

The Providence Co believes that it is possible to live beyond life, and it should be simple to do so. As a nimble outfit of advisors, we offer our exclusive clients meticulously tailored solutions, crafted to accommodate the most nuanced of circumstances in the areas of legacy, estate and succession planning.  

Our Edge

The insights we glean from understanding the lives and challenges faced by our clients, enable us to be effective in our role in helping them build and secure their future. This approach ensures that our considerations are exhaustive and our recommendations effective.

We owe our insights to our extensive experience, expertise & the trust rendered to us by our clients over the decades.

Our Philosophy

Laid out by our late founder, Yona Foo, our approach and the value we provide are intimately weaved around a genuine desire to know our clients and the relationships in their lives.

Only when we know about our clients’ inspirations and requirements will be achieve our purpose to help them live beyond life.

Living Beyond Life™

Living beyond life is to be remembered as the north star after one has passed on, to be more than a memory, to be an influence for their loved ones. From having their values held dear by the next generation, to have their estate continue to provide for the loved ones, our advisors focus the lens of legacy on creating a single point for all stakeholders to look to during uncertain times.


Our Founder - Yona Foo 


It all started when…

Yona started her career back in 1995. Yona’s dedication and commitment to her profession and her clients led her to live her life according to her values of Integrity, Quality, Reliability, Innovation and Confidentiality.

Beyond her exhaustive consultation and comprehensive planning, Yona’s warmth and concern for her clients won her praise throughout her stellar career.

Yona is survived by her daughter and The Providence Co, her precious legacy for her to continue serving her clients and the world for decades to come.

Yona passed away on 9th June 2018 after a fierce battle with cancer


The Gratitude of a Daughter


Yona Foo was the embodiment of service to those around her. She believed that every person’s life is worth celebrating and remembering without exception, and through her career, she was able to realise this belief thoroughly with those she served.

Her dedication toward seeing her client's families taken care of won her the friendship of many of her clients. None benefited more from her commitment than me, her daughter.  

My mother lived her entire life with the end in mind. She wanted to bequeath an estate to her family. Yet, she knew that without her Values & Vision, her estate would not be enough. She inspired us with her professional and personal life.

I was inspired to continue her noble work to secure the legacy of her clients, to enable them to continue to “Live Beyond Life”. To sincerely and carefully design an outfit around her values and standards.

Today, Providence Co is her Vision realised. To have a team to serve her clients according to her high standards while keeping things simple for her clients. =

I will be forever grateful for her sacrifice, love and foresight while I carry on her wishes today.  

- Sue Ann Foo